In Town Style, Out Of Town Prices

Medusa’s offer a wide range of services and prices from all aspects of:

Hair Cutting

High-quality haircuts for both adults and children from highly trained, professional stylists.


Changing your hair colour can be a difficult decision, we can advise you on a hair colour that will suit your daily life.


Whatever curly hairstyle you desire, we will be happy to discuss the results that can be achieved with your hair.


Highest quality hair extensions fitted by one of our extremely skilled hair extension specialists. We carefully colour match the clients hair to the best suited method for their hair type.

Permanent Straightening

nanoSmooth pure innovative safe in Salon Treatment and Bond Reformation Complete Smoothing (Straightening), having 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and releasing no chemical off-gases.

Male Grooming

Looking your best is easy with our expert stylists, whether you prefer a fade, short back and sides or scissors over comb you're in safe hands.

Wedding Hair

We can offer you Professional Wedding Hairstylist advice to make sure you make the right choice on the most memorable day of your life.

Special Events

Special occasion styling includes braided up-styles, chignon, French twists, or any style to fit the event.

Hair ServicesSalon DirectorSenior Stylist
Ladies blow dry - long (from)£38£36
Ladies blow dry - short (from)£30£24
Ladies cut blow dry - long (from)£60£54
Ladies cut blow dry - short (from)£54£48
Ladies dry cut (from)£30£27
Ladies wet cut (from)£34.20£30
Brazilian blow dry - short£130£130
Brazilian blow dry - long£160£160
Fringe trim£4£4
Hair up£50£45
Spiral perm£120£120
Acid perm£80£80
Alkaline perm£90£90
Top perm£50£50
Balayage (from)£120£110
Balayage Refresh (from)£110£100
Childs cut 0-5 (from)£12£10
Childs cut 6-11 (from)£16£15
Childs cut 12-15 (from)£22£20
Childs cut blow dry 6-11 (from)£28£25
Childs cut blow dry 12-15 (from)£32.50£30
Conditioning treatment£15£10
Full head foils (from)£95£96
Half head foils (from)£65£60
T Section foils (from)£55£50
Full head colour (from)£65£60
Regrowth (from)£55£54
Cap highlights - short£45£38
Cap highlights - long£45£40
Semi colour - short (from)£48£48
Semi colour - long (from)£60£60
Straightening (from)£15£15
Gents dry cut£24£21.50
Gents wet cut£27£24
Gents cut & blow dry£28£25
Skin fade£28£25
Beard trim£10£10